Elysium's Rich Geometry-handling and Data Translation Technology Supports Rapid Development of High Quality Automobile

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation adopts Two-CAD Strategy with CATIA V5 from Dassault Systèmes and Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER) from PTC as the main CAD systems for product development. They also utilize other appropriate tools for specific engineering fields such as Product Development, Analysis, Production Engineering, Manufacturing etc.

Elysium's technology is fully utilized to accelerate the data circulation among multiCAD and multiple systems, and improve the PDQ (Product Data Quality) in each engineering field.

With Elysium's geometry handling and data translation technologies, they streamline the data circulation and realize more advanced 3D data utilization at Toyota Motor Corporation, and also smooth version-ups of each system as new versions released.

Promoting Two-CAD Strategy

Toyota Motor Corporation adopts Two-CAD Strategy with CATIA V5 from Dassault Systèmes and Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER) from PTC. So it is essential that two CAD systems are well linked and cooperated to each other at every process in product development to successfully and efficiently maximize the capability of each application. To promote this project, Elysium is certified as the solution provider for the capability to translate accurately, especially the complex geometry or assembly structure which are specific to automobiles, while maintaining the interoperability between two CAD systems.

Elysium's Technologies in Every Engineering Field

Toyota Motor Corporation utilizes Elysium's various technologies; geometry optimization, data translation of property information and new technology to handle polygon and point cloud data as well as the CAD data translation.

Case Study 1: Enveloping in Virtual Prototyping (Digital Assembling)

3D data are regularly utilized for virtual prototyping to study the assemblablity in both product designing and process planning. It is a common issue that it takes too long to import the data, the performance degrades when moving or scaling up/down the model, especially when handling large data, for example, planning the layout of engine compartments. Elysium's Enveloping function unblocks these bottlenecks by reducing the data size (solid enveloping and deleting interior parts) and realizes the smooth, stress-free investigation of assembly performance.

Case Study 2: PDQ Validation in Modeling Dies

At die design and die manufacturing, it is very important to translate high-fidelity B-rep from product design data. Elysium's best-in-industry geometry healing; detecting and repairing PDQ (Product Data Quality) errors, well supports this requirement.

Case Study 3: Geometry and Property Translation in Designing Equipment and Jigs

It is required to translate 3D data accurately including non-geometry information such as manufacturing properties also when moving to the designing of equipment and jigs. Elysium's sophisticated translation of both geometry and property information is utilized in these downstream processes as well.

Case Study 4: Data Translation for Viewers for Examining the Manufacturing Processes

3D CAD data of products and dies are also utilized to quickly study the optimum manufacturing process and procedure in the viewer. Elysium's technology facilitates translating 3D data for viewers accurately including geometry and property information.

Case Study 5: Utilization of Point Cloud Data in Production Field

For the quality control at the actual production line, Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a quality determination system of the products in which Elysium's technology is widely utilized. This is the system to scan the actual automobile parts from the normal production using 3D scanners, and then examine the quality using the obtained point cloud data.

Furthermore, at the plant, they are also promoting a large-scale project to study the possibility of utilizing point cloud data obtained by 3D-scanning the production line with the long-range scanners. Elysium's new technology, InfiPoints is chosen as the tool to view and edit huge point cloud data with high performance, which allows them to grasp the present layout and plan the remodel of production lines.