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Elysium Publishes CAD Validation White Paper, Co-authored by Action Engineering

14. Dez. 2016News

SOUTHFIELD, MI—Dec. 13, 2016—Elysium, a leading provider of CAD data translations and interoperability solutions, is proud to announce the release of the white paper, “CADValidator: A Critical Aid for the Model-Based Enterprise.” In partnership with Action Engineering’s CEO, Jennifer Herron, the document illustrates the importance of model integrity and interoperability as engineers and manufacturers become more reliant on the 3D model. Elysium has developed an intuitive and informative CAD / MBD (Model Based Definition ) validation application that expertly and accurately compares CAD files to analyze accuracies and differences.

“Elysium has gained tremendous traction in the model-based arena with a variety of customers driving our product development to support requirements and streamline their productivity,” says Elysium’s Annalise Suzuki, Director of Americas Sales and Engagements, and co-author of the white paper. “Validation of MBD data is an instrumental key to really take MBD from launch to deployment within an organization. Creating MBD data is not worth much unless it can be validated to pass through all of the required processes to create and service the product, including exchange between suppliers and customers, inspection, and even long-term archival scenarios.” Once these subsequent processes can rely on that created MBD data, model-based production can be worth a lot.

MBD has become a primary focus of automotive, aerospace, and defense contractors as they increase the importance of the 3D model and streamline a number of processes around a product lifecycle. As the 3D model becomes more important and crucial to the manufacturing process, these models must be able to be transferable and interchangeable. Whether it is a CAD software translation, CAD software version upgrade, full CAD data migration, or an engineering change order, 3D models have a lot of information that needs to be maintained in fidelity throughout various processes. Relying on a manual process to validate the quality and accuracy of data is not only time-consuming, but unreliable, and poses a high risk for errors that could lead to major quality defects or costs associated with scrap. Some differences may be recognizable by the eye; however, others will be hidden deep within the model, like semantic PMI, which defines the annotations to be machine-readable, or interpreted by software.

To help simplify and increase the effectiveness of 3D model validation, Elysium has intensively enhanced its CAD Validation functionality powered by ASFALIS, a premium solution for the digital enterprise. This tool will help compare CAD files to detect differences in geometry, datum, system attributes, notes, semantic PMI, and more. The tool will generate a report in 3D PDF, HTML, and/or XML format, which allows easy sharing of the report and does not require any special viewing software, licensing or training. The validation report allows the user to 3D rotate, zoom, and pan one model while mirroring the same view on the other model, enabling isolation or targeted area analysis.

  • Elysium CAD Validation Report in 3D PDF format isolating and highlighting differences between two models

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