Significant Labor-saving of 3D Data Creation through Combination of In-house-developed CAD System and InfiPoints

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Shinryo Corporation

Shinryo Corporation is positive about utilizing 3D data in planning renewal work. They achieved to reduce the lead time, improve the work efficiency, and even enhance the work safety of the site engineers, by introducing 3D laser scanners and InfiPoints for obtaining, and then processing point cloud data.

  • Mr. Shintaro Samamoto (left)
    and Mr. Eisuke Wakisaka (right)
    leading a project to accelerate
    3D data utilization

Challenges and Possibilities in Utilization of 3D Laser Scanners for Renewal Work

Shinryo contracts for equipment installation/renewal work at buildings and facilities across Japan. They have been a pioneer in utilizing 3D data to raise the work efficiency.

Drawings are available for CAD model creation of existing equipment when working for new buildings. However, when working for older buildings, drawings do not match the actual state after renovation works, or do not even exist, so that they had to create 3D data through the on-site physical measurement, which was time-and-work consuming especially when it required scaffolds to measure high places. Sometimes, it is impossible to conduct physical measurements due to the heat from the equipment.

To resolve these issues, Shinryo, led by its Research and Development Center, launched a project to investigate the advantages and possible issues of introducing 3D laser scanners to obtain the 3D data of building’s interior and outline of the equipment without making physical contact with them. Good thing was that, through the significant technological innovations, the 3D scanners have been improved in the accuracy while reducing the price. On the other hand, they realized that it is also essential to introduce software to visualize huge point cloud data with high performance, and conduct virtual simulations easily.

  • 3D scanning existing equipment
    A photo image (left) and obtained 3D scanned point cloud data (right)

Meeting InfiPoints, One-stop Solution for Point Cloud Utilization

Shinryo evaluated several tools to handle point cloud data, and chose Elysium’s InfiPoints for the following factors;

  • Capability to view huge point cloud data with high performance (Data size: A few gigabytes / Object: Large building)
  • Capability to cover the entire process for point cloud utilization — from data import to movie creation

InfiPoints is already utilized in the actual production at Shinryo, and contributes to the improvements on work efficiency.

Case 1: Improving the Efficiency of 3D Modeling for Renewal Work of DHC Systems

Shinryo achieved to improve the efficiency of CAD modeling for the replacement work of the refrigerator in a DHC (District Heating and Cooling) system with the help of InfiPoints.

They, first, register 3D scanned data, remove the noise, and extract planar and cylindrical shapes using 3D modeling functionality. Then, they import the generated CAD model to their proprietary-developed in-house CAD system "S-CAD," and modify to create a CAD model of existing equipment and surrounding piping systems. Laser scanning was effective and substantially labor-saving in comparison to the physical measurement especially because multi-layered piping system, the target object, was difficult to reach due to the height at this site. Then, they also succeeded in reducing the lead time for modeling by utilizing the planes and pipes extracted from point clouds in InfiPoints.

  • Left: Point cloud data of a cooling tower for DHC system
    Right: CAD model of a cooling tower and surroundings generated from point cloud data
Case 2: Checking Collisions prior to Renewal Work of Air Conditioning System

Shinryo uses InfiPoints for their renewal work of air conditioning machine room for large commercial facilities. They extract planar and cylindrical shapes from point clouds and generate CAD models of the piping system to remain and duct to joint to efficiently in InfiPoints.

Moreover, they also conduct virtual simulations in InfiPoints — check interferences against existing equipment such as electrical facilities and fire extinguishing systems while manipulating an imported CAD model of new equipment within point clouds.

This significantly reduced the rework in the actual renewal work compared to the conventional method using sketches and photos.

For Further Improvements on Efficiency

In line with the growing trend toward utilization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) models, and factors that Shinryo’s customer sites are spread all over Japan, and many of them are, or will become aged in near future, they are facing an ongoing challenge — how efficiently and accurately they create 3D CAD data of existing facilities, and conduct renewal work while minimizing the labor and manual operation.

Shinryo continues their investigation to establish a new innovative method to enhance the work efficiency.

  • Streamlining the CAD model creation process