ASFALIS Unifies MultiCAD and Multiple System Environment by Its Scalability and Flexibility

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Nissan Motor Company

"Nissan is replacing all 3D translators in production engineering to Elysium’s ASFALIS, which controls all the translation and distribution of 3D data in Nissan. With its preeminent translation performance, more than 99.9 percent of the data can be converted without error."

Katsuro FUJITANI, Senior Manager of Manufacturing and SCM system Dept Global IS Division (As of 2010)


ASFALIS adapters allow all patterns of translation in Nissan so that users can leverage any CAD data freely. In fact, ASFALIS enabled to translate 3D data between INCAM* and several CAD systems, such as I-DEAS, NX and CADCEUS. A large amount of data can be converted and delivered properly.
Thus, ASFALIS have built up high-quality 3D data translation and distribution system for every process.

CAD-CAM cooperation / ASFALIS

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In Nissan, numbers of control and delivery systems had been used as many as the number of 3D tools adopted in the production technology field and data quality differed from tool to tool. Because of the difference in PDQ, translation accuracy was frequently disrupted.

To solve these problems, Nissan launched new project to shift to totally new workflow of translation at the same time as replacing its standard CAD system from I-deas to NX. On this project, ASFALIS was chosen to consolidate the company-wide translation system to achieve high accuracy and great stability on the performance.

ASFALIS has allowed users to perform all patterns of translation in any CAD format in Nissan. It also enabled to control concurrently running file translation processes. As this ASFALIS-based system is incorporated to the intranet, employees in domestic branches are able to access ASFALIS to execute translation. The results of translations are automatically delivered to a specified branch in a specified format. Even if different paths are necessary between approved data and data under consideration, it won’t be a problem because users can change settings as required. And, once the settings are ready, ASFALIS automatically translates data and distributes the result as needed.

Today, every progress of translation and distribution is thoroughly visualized. Of course, the quality of results of translation is admirable and stable. ASFALIS has significantly improved the efficiency of the company-wide workflow of data translation and distribution.