Data Pre-processing

InfiPoints offers useful functions to easily and quickly pre-process point cloud data from 3D laser scanning—registers multiple shots automatically, removes all kinds of noise automatically and more.

Data Registration

InfiPoints registers 3D scans using auto-detected targets (reference spheres / checker boards) captured in each scan to determine the relative position.

  • Data Registration

In combination, you can also utilize coordinate values of targets obtained from total station—transform the coordinate system of scans using them—.

It, then, evaluates the registration accuracy, which you can check both visually and numerically, and export as reports.

  • Data Registration

For the cases scanned without targets, it allows to register using auto-detected planer shapes such as walls and floor.

  • Data Registration

Automatic Noise Reduction

InfiPoints automatically recognizes and removes unwanted noise produced upon overlaying several 3D scans. Moving objects, such as people or cars, are automatically eliminated from the environment.

  • Automatic Noise Reduction

Automatic Feature Recognition

InfiPoints recognizes walls, floors and pipes as features (planes and cylinders) in point cloud data. This enables accurate measurements specifying the exact points on object surfaces, which compares to the measurements conducted on B-rep models.

  • Automatic Feature Recognition

Light Point Cloud Technology

InfiPoints reduces the data size by decreasing point density using specified intervals between points. This reduces the weight of the point cloud data without sacrificing the accuracy or visual appearance.

  • Light Point Cloud Technology