Sophisticated Outputs

InfiPoints offers capabilities to create sophisticated outputs — export results from the planning stage in high resolution 2D images, video etc. This facilitates the smooth communication among project members.

Point Cloud VR - InfiPoints for Oculus

This is designed to advance the communication in engineering scenes by the capability to visualize and handle processed point cloud data on VR headsets, Oculus Rift. Within digital clone of engineering sites, users can hold;

  • Virtual meetings among project members
  • Virtual tours for clients
  • Training / Knowledge transfer to new employees

Exporting Orthogonal View Images

InfiPoints can export high resolution images utilizing a specified scale.

Users can include grid lines of a preferred width and specify image size (height/width) by number of pixels when exporting an image.

Exported drawing data can be used in various ways, such as printing out for physical measurement or importing the data into another tool to create drawings by tracing.

  • Exporting Orthogonal View Images

Exporting Visualization Files

InfiPoints can export self-contained visualization files which can be distributed to other divisions or companies. The receiver can perform measurement analysis or create sections on the 3D data without installing InfiPoints, making collaboration easy and efficient.

3D Annotations

Memo or hyperlinks to external files, URL etc. can be embedded to as 3D annotations in point cloud data. This expands the possibility to utilize point cloud data as a portal for relevant information enabling quick access to additional necessary data while streamlining the management and maintenance of equipment or subject environment.

  • 3D Annotations

Creating Videos

Users can create high-quality fly-through videos from point cloud data with ease, regardless of data size. Video productions can capture the CAD and point cloud data simultaneously displayed to effectively demonstrate anticipated results. Accuracy of construction plans and cost estimation are significantly improved as project members can collaborate virtually from any location.

Rhino Plug-in

The Rhino Plug-in enables to export CAD models of piping systems and steel structure created in InfiPoints for further edit in Rhinoceros®, and visualize point cloud data in Rhinoceros® to model based on it.

Pre-processing performed in InfiPoints will be reflected, such as noise reduction or layer management. It also supports the sectioning functions of Rhinoceros® so that you can model referencing the corresponding area in point cloud data.

* Rhinoceros® is a product provided by Robert McNeel & Associates and requires a separate license.