3D Modeling

InfiPoints generates 3D CAD models automatically from point clouds. This dramatically streamlines the process to plan and prepare for the actual operations—saves the time and work to obtain CAD data of existing structures and replaces on-site measurements with 3D measurements on a computer.

Moreover, you can export created CAD models including parametric information such as length and diameters, which can be further edited in BIM solutions.

Modeling Piping Systems

InfiPoints creates 3D models of pipes out of point cloud data. It automatically extracts the shape of pipes, elbows, flanges and reducers instantly, and can replace them with standard parts.

It also automatically complements the area with low-density points, for example, when there are blind spots in scanning. Users can also add piping elements manually.

Extracted and modeled piping systems can be exported to various CAD formats or isometric drawings.

  • Modeling Piping Systems

Modeling Equipment

InfiPoints automatically creates a CAD model of existing equipment and structure from point cloud data, which can be moved independently within the point cloud.

This is ideal for planning routes to carry out existing equipment by checking collisions with walls and other equipment. It is also possible to prepare a working drawing that utilizes the generated CAD model instead of physical measurements for each detail.

  • Modeling Steel Materials and Equipment

Modeling Steel Structures

You can easily create CAD models of steel structural elements using planes auto-detected in point cloud data. Standard specifications including H-beam, square pipe and T-beam are pre-registered to InfiPoints, so that all you have to do is select a type, and adjust the size by an easy mouse operation.

  • Modeling Steel Structures

Modeling Duct Systems

Users can quickly model duct parts-create straight ducts by selecting extracted planes, connect selected straight ducts by inserting S-curves, duct elbows or hoppers, and replace created parts by standard parts. Users can also easily adjust the size and location, e.g., reduce the section size for the insulation thickness.

  • Modeling Duct Systems

Generating Mesh

InfiPoints generates meshes for structures in scanned data automatically from point cloud data, and exports mesh data in STL, VRML and OBJ formats. The exported data can be referenced within various CAD systems to quickly generate B-reps for equipment or other uses.

  • Generating Mesh