Data Import

One of the biggest advantages of InfiPoints is the capability to import point cloud data from 3D laser scanning without size limitations, and view and edit with high performance without being influenced by the data size.

Original Fast-rendering Technology Removes the Restrictions on the Data Size

Data size exceeds a few hundred gigabytes when scanning massive structures such as plants or vessels using laser scanners. It was common for point-cloud-handling applications to set the restrictions on the data size, require users to divide data into smaller sets and process one by one because they were unable to handle massive data.

Elysium has developed a robust fast rendering technology leveraging its 3D data technology accumulated in over 30-year history. InfiPoints has no data size restrictions, nor experiences decreases in performance.

  • Original Fast-rendering Technology Removes the Restrictions on the Data SizeImporting massive point cloud data of structures such as plants, vessels or architecture

Support for Multiple Laser Scanners

InfiPoints is a powerful solution which accepts point cloud data obtained from wide range of stationary 3D laser scanners, including FARO, Leica, PENTAX, RIEGL, Topcon and Zoller+Fröhlich, for the maximum and true utilization of scanned data.

It also supports a handheld scanner provided by DotProduct, which allows to create complete point cloud data by merging data obtained by scanning with a stationary scanner, and scanning details with a handheld scanner.

Following the industry trends and adding support for the latest technologies through the alliance with vendors and distributors of all the major 3D scanners, InfiPoints assists in streamlining the workflow on structure maintenance management.

  • Support for Multiple Laser Scanners