InfiPoints provides functions to conduct a variety of analysis utilizing point cloud data and CAD data—plan carry in/out routes of equipment, compare concept plans versus post construction state, and more.

Measuring Dimensions

InfiPoints measures the distance between any two points as well as distances and angles between extracted planes and cylinders. This functionality allows users to measure accurately and efficiently while surveying the data.

  • Measuring Dimensions

Checking Collisions

InfiPoints detects collisions between CAD data and point cloud data.

Real-time collision detection can be quickly observed while manipulating imported CAD models within the point cloud. InfiPoints also offers the functionality to check collisions by moving CAD models along the user-defined path.

  • Interference CheckingLeft: Quick observation by manipulating a CAD model with mouse operation
    Right: Detecting collisions while moving a CAD model along pre-defined path

Editing Point Cloud Data

InfiPoints classifies points by layers, which allows the hiding of unnecessary points or highlighting specific groups of points. InfiPoints also extracts the points for, for example, equipment to conduct simulation of carry-out routes, layout changes and more.

  • Editing Point Cloud Data

Comparison between Point Cloud and CAD

InfiPoints detects the differences between the actual scanned data and CAD data from a design concept. This is ideal to compare the planned construction against the actual environment after construction, allowing the ability to track changes over time.

  • Comparison between Point Cloud and CAD