CADdoctor for JT

Verification Tool to Facilitate Seamless and Secure Utilization of Product Information via JT Format

Verify Your JT Data to Prevent Any Possible Errors and Rework

Elysium develops CADdoctor for JT, a tool to verify JT data in conformity with customer-specific standards.
JT file format is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard format for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information, which is, in recent years, growing rapidly in popularity worldwide, especially for data exchange in multi-CAD environment such as supplier integration.
On the other hand, following issues arise when exchanging data in JT format;

  • Unable to open data from the supplier because it is invalid
  • Attributes do not comply with the company-defined rules
  • Data does not comply with specified LOD (Levels of Detail) settings
  • Data contains the display elements (LOD) only, and not the exact geometry (XT B-rep)

Therefore, it is essential for maximum utilization of JT data to define the requirements on data from other divisions and suppliers, and establish a workflow to verify JT data to ensure that the data comply with the standards and ready for the data distribution.

Check Your JT Data Accurately and Completely

CADdoctor for JT differentiates itself from other tools by its high accuracy, and wide coverage of JT data verification.

  • Leverages native tools (JT Toolkit / Parasolid Toolkit) provided by Siemens PLM under the official partnership, as well as the Elysium PDQ check technology accumulated in its 30-year history
  • Covers not only geometry information, but also non-geometry information including LOD configurations, attribute details, check of illegal characters

Customize Easily and Flexibly to Meet Your Own Rule

  • Features flexibility in customization of check criteria and tolerances to satisfy customer-specific requirements—select criteria and modify tolerances in an easy-to-use dialog. More detailed and flexible customization of the check criteria can be realized by modifying the script file.
  • Allows easy-integration into existing systems such as PLM/PDM systems

Utilize the Verification Result in Various Scenes

CADdoctor for JT offers a wide selection of formats to output the verification result.

  • XML: Suitable for the system integration purposes, for example, the workflow control in PLM/PDM systems
  • 3D PDF: Allows the visualization of the results without any special viewers or CAD licenses (*)

(*): Planned to be available at Ver2.0 or later.

Check Criteria


Category Check Criteria Applied to
Assembly Part
B-rep XTBodyExistence
Parasolid Body Check PKBodyStructureCorrupt


Category Check Criteria Applied to
Assembly Part
File FileVersion
Structure MirroredInstanceMatrix
Property MassUnit
Tessellation LODCount
Daimler ConformMBN10059

File Format to Output the Verification Results

  • XML
  • 3D PDF (*)

(*): Planned to be available at Ver2.0 or later.


Supported CAD

CAD Version
JT Ver6.4 - Ver10.0

Supported OS

OS Windows 7 (64bit) SP1
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64bit)