How to Utilize ASFALIS

ASFALIS is available in various levels of configuration to best suit each use case, ranging from a desktop application for a single user to a collaborative system among multiple users, maximizing the power of ASFALIS.

ASFALIS SmartLauncher

This is the simplest application to utilize the power of ASFALIS — utilize high-fidelity translation without configuring large-sized systems.

It is available in two types, standalone type — right-click the file, and run the translation from the context menu — and plugin-in type — run the translation directly from the user interface of CAD systems.

ASFALIS Controller

This is a desktop application which is simplest for single users to translate and optimize 3D data.

You can create scenarios in easy steps; select adapters for the source/target CAD or optimizations such as "Geometry Simplifier" from the drop-down list, then specifying the input file or parameters. You can also execute multiple scenarios in batch processing.

ASFALIS TransServer

This is a Web-based application which accommodates multiple users to access via a Web browser and utilizes the 3D data with high quality data translation, geometry simplification or property editing or other processing options.

Usability of Web-based Application

Users can access to ASFALIS TransServer from any machine with access to the ASFALIS server via a computer network. From there, they can execute commands such as data translation or optimization simply by selecting a scenario which has been registered by a system administrator beforehand. You no longer need to install the application into each machine.

Detailed User Management

System administrators can manage the access rights for users on the things such as;
* Scenarios: The procedure of the job execution
* Job: A unit of a data processing
* Operation: A group of Jobs classified by departments or projects
System administrators can also manage the priority of the Jobs, so that they can prioritize urgent jobs manually.

Suitable Situation for Each Solution

ASFALIS SmartLauncher ASFALIS Controller ASFALIS TransServer
Type of Users Dedicated Operators Mainly CAx Operators Every Type of Users
Expected Number of Users From a Single User + α From a Single User + α Up to Several Tens
Scenario Edit / Batch Processing
User Management
* Both ASFALIS TransServer and ASFALIS MultiCADCenter include ASFALIS Controller.