ASFALIS is a complete solution for CAD data translation and distribution that connects all the departments or divisions throughout an entire product lifecycle.

ASFALIS provides a great variety of functions such as advanced translation with properties and 3D annotations, data optimization by editing properties or assembly information, data size reduction, and verifications for evaluating data before/after engineering modifications or even translations. Such functions are essential for any firm to maximize their internal collaboration and streamline workflow processes to gain a competitive advantage.

ASFALIS is a scalable solution and can be configured to best suit the use, size and workflow needs, from a desktop application for a simple data translation to a collaboration system including a data translation server and multiCAD database. Processing options for ASFALIS are available individually on the function basis so that users can combine flexibly and smoothly to fill their demands.

  • ASFALIS Overview



ASFALIS offers a great variety of functions, not only the accurate data translation of the geometry or properties, but also functions to extract needed information in CAD data or to automatically edit the geometry or properties flexibly according to requirement specifications for the right communication between departments, enterprises or tools over CAD data.

How to Utilize ASFALIS

ASFALIS is available in various levels of configuration to best suit each use case, ranging from a desktop application for a single user to a collaborative system among multiple users, maximizing the power of ASFALIS.