CADdoctor for NX


PDQ validation and repair plug-in for NX

CADdoctor for NX (*), a Siemens NX plug-in, allows users to validate and repair 3D CAD data within NX. Adopting CADdoctor for NX in the early design phase will help NX users at any level improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing enterprise. Because data accuracy reverberates all the way down the supply chain, profoundly affecting every stage of product lifecycle management (PLM).

(*) The product name of 'NXdoctor' has been changed to 'CADdoctor for NX' from its version 1.2.


PDQ Validation

NX users can operate PDQ validation using 'Check-Mate'. Based on Elysium’s years of experience, and in light of NX’s specialties, CADdoctor for NX ensures reliable PDQ validation. It allows users to validate 27 critical check items including 20 most important items complies with SASIG.


Elysium’s accumulated CAD data healing technology enables to automatically regenerate perfect NX data. CADdoctor for NX provides functions to not simply remove errors, but to thoroughly review and repair the geometry so that the CAD data can be utilized in the next stage in the CAD data flow.

Input and Output ENF file

Input and output Elysium Neutral File (ENF) allows CADdoctor for NX repair results to be used freely on CADdoctor EX or ASFALIS.

NISSAN and its Supplier's Privilege

Once installed properly and the configuration file exclusively for Nissan and its suppliers is applied, CADdoctor for NX enables both the automaker and those who work with them to validate and secure the quality of all sent and received CAD data. CADdoctor for NX will allow users to check 3D data directly from within Siemens NX in accordance to Nissan’s strict specifications. Developed through long-term and close cooperation with Nissan, this product is perfectly suited to Nissan’s PDQ criteria and the data delivery system. CADdoctor for NX will be vital tool for every supplier in the future.