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Elysium To Utilize Oculus VR Headset in InfiPoints — Virtual Meetings in Digital Clone of Engineering Sites

Jan 22, 2018Product

HAMAMATSU, Japan—Jan. 22, 2018—Elysium, a global leading provider of point cloud solutions, announces a new product launch “InfiPoints for Oculus” to enhance point cloud utilization and VR (virtual reality) application in engineering. With Oculus Rift, engineers and clients can explore the laser scanned sites.

Elysium has developed InfiPoints for Oculus to advance communication in engineering scenes by giving users the capability to visualize and handle processed point cloud data on VR headsets. InfiPoints has gained a good reputation from industry leaders for its capability to visualize massive point cloud data with high performance while seamlessly accommodating CAD models that represent new facility to install, etc. This addition will contribute to job efficiency and effective communication with increased reality. One of the benefits is a capability to hold virtual meetings to share and discuss the work plan within the digital clone of engineering sites. With a clear picture, users can interactively communicate between one another. Intuitive operation using handheld controllers helps to remove the hurdle to learn the new method.

Key Features of InfiPoints for Oculus

Basic features (*1)
View operation
Distance measurement
Pseudo laser pointer
Jump to the specified location
Virtual tour (Play the saved exploration path)
Display 3D Notes created in InfiPoints
Display 3D CAD models
Optional features (*2)
Viewer file export (*3)
Virtual meeting (Simultaneous exploration within the same point cloud data)
Synchronize the view point between multiple clients
Add comments and bookmarks(*4)

(*1): Included in the InfiPoints Standard license

(*2): Requires an additional license of InfiPoints for Oculus

(*3): Requires no licensing nor installation of InfiPoints to view the exported file

(*4): Edits will be saved in the project file and be editable in InfiPoints, too.

“Elysium’s InfiPoints for Oculus will assist your successful application of VR technology,” states Atsuto Soma, CTO of Elysium. “This is not yet a common item in engineering scenes. However, once you experience it, you will feel the difference and understand how it improves the quality of communication between related people.”

Today, many industries are facing a huge pressure from a demand for shorter lead time. Building, facility and infrastructure maintenance work is no exception. Elysium’s InfiPoints has contributed to achieve true utilization of 3D scanned point cloud data, and eliminate unnecessary rework. Users can plan the maintenance and renovation work in the office using the laser scanned plants, construction sites etc., instead of physical visits. With Oculus VR, it allows engineers and clients to get a better picture on the work plan while exploring in digital clone of the engineering site.