CATIA V5 to/from JT DirectTranslator

In recent years, the JT format has been growing rapidly in popularity worldwide, and its approval by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has spiked that growth.

The advantage of the JT format is that it is very light, yet surprisingly rich with information. It supports not only geometric information, but also non-geometric information such as assembly structures, attributes, PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), etc. Not only that, but it also has the capability to store various LOD (Levels of Detail) to provide good graphic performance.

Elysium has developed a bi-directional translator between CATIA V5 and JT using the data translation technology accumulated over a 30-year history, as well as its official partnerships with both vendors. This translator has been ranked number 1 in the industry for bi-directional capability. It has also been certified as the official translation tool for Daimler supply chain, which strongly supports operations between CATIA V5 and JT.

  • Dassault V5 Software Partner
  • V5 to JT translatorA fully annotated model of an automotive component in CATIA V5 is translated to JT with PMI.

Developed in Compliance with Daimler Quality Standards

Elysium's CATIA V5 to/from JT DirectTranslator is certified as compliant with Daimler quality standards.

It not only provides accurate translations under these standards, but it is extensively tuned to satisfy Daimler requirements for exact geometry, visualization, and manufacturing and process planning needs. This tool dramatically reduces the amount of manual work required to repair data using the Daimler JT Supplier Package (JTSP).

The CATIA V5 to/from JT DirectTranslator also translates JT data to CATIA V5, automatically editing attributes to the format that can be used in CATIA V5 to guarantee that they can be utilized in various processes at Daimler suppliers.

Powerful Translation to Satisfy Daimler Requirements

  • Translate assembly structures in PLM XML format, and parts in JT format
  • Edit filenames to meet Daimler naming rules
  • Translate CATIA V5 mass properties to attribute in JT
  • Correctly map CATIA V5 attributes to JT attributes
  • Add material ID (QEVNumber) in JT according to Daimler material mapping table to maintain material information defined in CATIA V5
  • Support JT configuration settings including LOD (Level of Detail) settings

Fidelity, Scalability and Usability

Accurate Translation Guaranteed
  • Developed using CATIA V5 CAA Toolkit which guarantees the accurate translation including full support for attributes and PMI (3D annotations, dimensions and symbols) as well as geometric information
  • Ranked number 1 in industry benchmark for its bi-directional capability
Scalability to Fill Your Demands
  • Supports user-specific JT requirements by "JT Configuration File"
  • Can be integrated into enterprise-level systems such as PDM (Product Data Management), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), etc.
Easy to Use
  • Direct import / export of JT data from CATIA V5 user interface
  • Saved customized translation settings can easily be re-used using a dialog menu