"The other translators we tried had either crashed or core dumped. When we used the Elysium translator, the import proceeded flawlessly and we did not have to spend any time fixing it. Elysium's translators are very robust. They have a much higher success rate than IGES, STEP and other direct translators, I feel very comfortable recommending CADporter to other users."

Charles Chen, Associate Technical Fellow (As of 2001)

  • BoeingE-2 Hawkeye

Renault F1 Team

"Lotus F1 Team designers rely on Elysium CADdoctor for data transfer, software interoperability, reverse engineering and, of course, speed."
Desktop Engineering (Published April 14, 2012)
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"A production chassis design for an F1 vehicle, translated via IGES into Patran, required 2 weeks of re-work by a senior engineer. With Elysium CADporter, the same data translated in 90 minutes with 2 hours for checking. How much is your time worth?" Alan Duerden, Senior Engineer (As of 2002)
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  • RenaultE21

Saab Bofors Dynamics

"The diagnostic tools guided us through verification and some manual re-mastering, and the metadata feature helped us track each version of our files during the process. But most importantly, Elysium technical support was excellent, answering every one of our questions quickly and clearly. That's crucial when you're translating data in-house."

Leif Soderros, Director Mechanical Development (As of 2008)

BMW Group

“In the mechanical production of the BMW Motoren GbmH Steyr, CADdoctor is used 100% of the time to repair the 3D models from CATIA V5 and successfully import them into the simulation software RealNC V8.4. After a completed repair, these models are converted into STL format. The main advantage is that the size of the model is transformed into a reasonable measurement. Resources are saved because the simulation calculations can be done faster.”

Manfred Kramer, head of NC programming

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

“For us, CADdoctor means a great productivity gain in preparing nets for the finite elements simulation.”

Peter Staeblein

Ralf Grübel Werkzeugbau GmbH

“CADdoctor reliably repairs damaged customer data for us.”

Michael Hertel, Frank Rilk


“Without using CADdoctor it would require utmost efforts to be able to process external CAD data with our CAD system.”

Martin Wosnitza, IT-department

Güdel Automation GmbH

“With CADdoctor supplier models are easy to repair and convert as needed to transfer them mistake free into our CAD system.”

Peter Camehl, IT-Manager

Horn Metallbau GmbH

“In my opinion, the functionality of CADdoctor is outstanding.”

Daniel Horn