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Elysium to Release CADdoctor for NX Ver3.0―Enhanced Geometry Healing for Optimized Design Process

Jul 06, 2017Product

HAMAMATSU, Japan—July 6, 2017—Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces the version-up release of CADdoctor for NX, a geometry verification and repair tool plugged into NX from Siemens PLM Software Inc., to Ver3.0. This version-up focuses on enhancements on geometry repair functionality for increased efficiency in design process.

Partial Repair Functionality

“Partial Healing,” a new option for geometry repair has been added at Ver3.0. This is designed to allow users to keep working on the model using feature history after applying geometry repair—extract and repair detected error elements only while preserving feature history for the remaining elements, and then merge the repaired elements to the error-free part of the source model adding them as new features. This also means that translation back to NX will be performed on the error elements only, and the rest will remain as is.

This addition will contribute to further optimization of design process—e.g., casually apply geometry repair for error elements only at working state to design while securing the PDQ (Product Data Quality), and/or perform complete geometry repair for the entire model.

  • Elysium_CADdoctor-for-NX_Geometry-Healing
  • Elysium_CADdoctor-for-NX_Feature-Added-after-Geometry-Healing

Other Enhancements

Improvement on user interface

Geometry Check / Heal commands are available in [CADdoctor for NX Tools] tab in the NX ribbon menu.

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Added support for latest version of NX

CADdoctor for NX is available on NX9, NX10 (*), and NX11 (*)

(*) Added at Ver3.0