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Release Announcement of CADdoctor EX7.2

May 31, 2017Product

Elysium is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor EX7.2. Below are the key highlights of this version-up.

Major Enhancements

1. Improvement of Enveloping Function (Geometry Simplification Option)

  • Enhanced [Extract Faces around Gap] function
  • Added a command to extract faces around Void with Openings

2. Improvement of Polygon Extension Option

  • Improved the color map visualization for polygon comparison
  • Enhanced to generate polygons per volume when the source is multi-volume B-rep
  • Added support for data import of Nastran bulk data file (quad polygon)

3. Improvement of a basic function

  • Added function to measure thickness
  • Enhanced to associate *.drfx file with CADdoctor at the installation of CADdoctor

4. Added support of latest CAD versions and old CAD versions

Import & Export OptionsSupported Versions
CATIA V5 Plug-in OptionR19 - R27(V5-6R2017)
Creo Parametric Plug-in OptionCreo Parametric 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
Parasolid Add-on OptionV7 - V29.1

Red:Added support of CAD versions

5. Other

  • License Library Upgrade

*Please note that it requires version-up of Sentinel RMS License Manager to v9.1 to utilize CADdoctor EX7.2 or later.