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Release Announcement of CADdoctor SX4.1

Oct 07, 2016Product

Elysium is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor SX4.1. Below are the key highlights of this version-up.

Major Enhancements

1. Improvement of Enveloping Function

  • Improved the success rate of gap filling function
  • Filling all detected gaps automatically
  • Improved the interactive gap filling function (Enriched functions to fill gaps that are remained after auto filling)
    • Added function to create a solid between selected faces
    • Added function to create a solid by face extrusion
    • Improved the usability of "Extract Faces around Gap" function
  • Filling gaps between specified faces

2. Improvement of a basic function

  • Added ability to display elements within the clipping box only
  • Enhanced the function to correct face direction
  • Added function to measure the distance between faces and area of faces

3. Added support of latest CAD versions

Import & Export OptionsSupported Versions
CATIA V5 Import Add-on OptionInput: R7- R26(V5-6R2016)
Output: R14, R19
Parasolid Add-on OptionV7 - V28.1
ACIS Add-on OptionR6 - R26

Red: Added support of latest CAD versions

4. Added support of Windows 10