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Elysium Updates its JT Based Solutions to Meet the Requirements of the German Automotive Supply Chain

May 13, 2016Product

HAMAMATSU, Japan–May 13, 2016–Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces major enhancements to its JT based solutions to meet the requirements of the German automotive supply chain. Elysium’s high fidelity JT solutions–translate to/from JT format, verify JT data in conformity with standards or company rules, and validate JT data before and after data translation or engineering changes–have been proven the best by many German enterprises in the automotive industry. Daimler and its suppliers, who have successfully implemented a sophisticated data exchange scheme while maintaining the highest standard in their actual operation, is just one example of the success of Elysium’s JT solutions.

With the rapid increase in demand for MBD (Model Based Definition) and MBE (Model Based Enterprise), it is essential to implement an effective data exchange process into the entire supply chain to stay highly competitive and successful with supplier integration.

Elysium has now enhanced its product portfolio with a new addition, “CADdoctor for JT,” a tool to verify JT data in conformity with specified standards or company rules, and usability in receiving tools. CADdoctor for JT leverages Elysium’s expertise acquired through PDQ (Product Data Quality) activities at many major enterprises worldwide. This new addition enhances CADdoctor’s B-rep geometry PDQ to include key compliance criteria including LOD (Levels of Detail) configurations, attribute details, check of illegal characters, and JT specific PDQ compliance. This features flexibility in the customization of check items and tolerances to satisfy customer-specific requirements and reporting functionality to export the check results in 3D PDF, HTML, and XML formats. It also allows integration within existing management workflows and processes. In a future release, Elysium’s advanced geometry healing capability will be added to CADdoctor for JT to improve the data quality of JT files and further contribution to smooth supplier integration.

STEP AP242 BOM (Business Object Model) XML support is another major update to Elysium’s JT based solution. This allows for the handling of JT which represents geometric parts, together with STEP AP242 BOM XML which represents the assembly structure and various metadata. STEP AP242 is a new international standard, which will be used as an implementation model to support data exchange related to PDM systems and associated services. This enhancement will benefit the German automotive industry in the context of supply chain management and data exchange between supplier and Automotive OEM.

Elysium CATIA V5 to/from JT DirectTranslator, which is certified as compliant with Daimler quality standards, and widely utilized among Daimler and its suppliers, now supports a German user interface to improve the user experience.

“Elysium is continually enhancing our product portfolio to meet the demands and requirements set forth by our growing user base here in DACH (Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland),” states Kensuke Tashiro, Managing Director of Elysium Europe. “We strive to assure our end-users that the use of products will improve the PDQ within the product life cycle, as well as the guarantee for zero defect 3D data collaboration within the Automotive supply chain.”

Elysium contributes to the progress of supplier integration by its powerful interoperability solutions.