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Release Announcement of CADdoctor EX6.1

Oct 30, 2014Product

Elysium Japan is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor EX6.1. Below are the key highlights of this version-up.

Major Enhancements

(1) Geometry Simplification

Added a PDQ criterion: Gaps between Volumes

  • fillet_recognition.jpg Fig: Example of Detected Errors "Gaps between Volumes"

(2) Reverse Engineering

Improved the quality of B-rep by automatic generation

  • midsurface_auto.png Fig: How the B-rep Quality Has Been Improved

(3) Improved the Usability of Color Settings

Added a capability to specify colors by RGB values

(4) CAD Support

Added support for the latest CAD versions

Import & Export OptionsAdded version
Pro/ENGINEER Plug-inCreo Parametric 3.0
Pro/ENGINEER Add-onCreo Parametric 3.0
I-deas Plug-inNX I-deas 6.4
Parasolid Add-onV27.0
ACIS Add-onR25