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Release Announcement of CADdoctor EX6.0.2

Sep 18, 2014Product

Elysium Japan is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor EX6.0.2. Please see the following release description for the detail.

Major Enhancements

(1) Improvement of Reverse Engineering

Improved the Success Rate of Automatic Generation of B-rep

Improved the quality of the B-rep generated from polygons by improving the success rate of automatic generation of B-rep.

Improved the Success Rate of Automatic Generation of Analytic Surfaces

Can now generate spherical surfaces as the analytic surfaces from polygons. The rate of automatic generation of analytic surfaces has been improved on other types of analytic surface, too, which realized the generation of B-rep which contains more analytic surfaces.

  • Left: Polygon, Right: B-rep (Yellow: Plane / Orange: Cylinder / Blue: Sphere)
Added Polygon PDQ Criteria

Added three new polygon PDQ criteria (Tunnel, Handle and Folded Polygon) which is effective prior to reverse engineering (B-rep generation).

  • Tunnel (1)
  • Tunnel (2)
  • Handle
  • Folded Polygon

(2) Added Support for the Latest CAD Versions

Now support NX8.5 and NX9 with NX Add-on Option.