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Release Announcement of CADdoctor SX2.2

May 30, 2013Product

Elysium Japan is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor SX2.2.
This release is a version upgrade from CADdoctor SX2.1.

1.Product Name
CADdoctor SX


3.Release Date
May 30, 2013

4.Major Enhancements
a) Improvement of a basic function
- Improved the usefulness and the operability of data translation
The operating time for data translation has been shortened dramatically
by means of sequential execution of auto healing and exporting data

- Multilingual localization 
Added support of traditional Chinese

- Measurement function
Enhanced function to measure arc diameter

b) CAD Input and Output
- Added support of Parasolid V25.1 with Parasolid Add-on Option
[Supported versions: V7 - V25.1]

- Added support of ACIS R23 with ACIS Add-on Option
[Supported versions: R6 - R23]

- Added support of V9.5 with JT Add-on Option
[Supported versions: Import: 6.4-9.5, Export: 8.0-9.5]
*Export side is upgraded

- License
CADdoctor SX2.0 licensee with maintenance agreement can
use CADdoctor SX2.2 with the same license as CADdoctor SX2.0 and SX2.1.

For inquiries or information, please feel free to contact us.