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Elysium to Release InfiPoints, software to handle 3D point cloud data

Apr 16, 2013Product

HAMAMATSU, Japan, April 16, 2013--Elysium Co. Ltd., a leading global provider of design data exchange software, kicks off preliminary sales activity for its latest technology, "InfiPoints", "All in one" software to handle 3D point cloud data in April, 2013. Users can view and edit huge point cloud data without a limit on the data size. It provides the ability to connect laser scanned point cloud data and digital 3D or 2D CAD data seamlessly, which enables users to plan layouts or plumbing with maximum efficiency.

With laser scanners becoming more compact and affordable, efforts to replicate environments in 3D digital data have increased. However, working with the scanned data is burdensome as tools fulfilling this need to handle such large data did not exist in the past. Furthermore, one is expected to learn several types of software for various areas of their process to planning the equipment layout in a factory, ship, or whatever the case may be.

With the advanced technology Elysium has accumulated over its nearly 30-year history, Elysium was able to tap into this industry of handling point cloud data and resolve these issues with its newest product, InfiPoints. InfiPoints was developed to maximize efficiency of plant planning by technology that allows the user to work with the newly planned equipment (CAD models) within the current layout displayed by a point cloud of several billion points.

Some innovative companies in various fields, including vessel and equipment maintenance, civil engineering, architecture, and automobile manufacturing, are already using InfiPoints. They have expressed their appreciation for the increased ability to satisfy customers by delivering faster and with greater detail. Additionally, time to preprocess data has been significantly reduced.

One successful example comes from the shipbuilding industry regarding the global agreement (*1) that obligates vessel companies to equip vessels with the ballast (*2) water management system. Lead time has been dramatically shortened with InfiPoints as it preprocesses data from laser scanning automatically.

InfiPoints will be released worldwide as the demand for its technology is growing globally. Elysium will introduce InfiPoints at the 3D Documentation Conference held by FARO in Singapore on Thursday, 25th and Friday, 26th April.

InfiPoints was developed by Elysium in cooperation with its customers. The first version will include functions to automate preprocessing data, edit point cloud data, check for interferences of imported CAD models and existing point cloud data, and to draw.

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International Convention for the control and management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004

Ballast is material that is used to provide stability to a vehicle or structure. Ballast, other than cargo, may be placed in a vehicle, often a ship or the gondola of a balloon or airship, to provide stability. A compartment within a boat, ship, submarine, or other floating structure that holds water is called a ballast tank. In a vessel that travels on the water, the ballast will remain below the water level, to counteract the effects of weight above the water level. The ballast may be redistributed in the vessel or disposed of altogether to change its effects on the movement of the vessel.