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Release Announcement of CADdoctor SX2.1

Feb 28, 2013Product

Elysium Japan is pleased to announce the release of CADdoctor SX2.1.
This release is a version upgrade from CADdoctor SX2.0.

1.Product Name
CADdoctor SX



3.Release Date
February 28, 2013

4.Major Enhancements
a) Added function to detect and remove logo feature.
* Simplification Function in [FEM] and [Mold] package

b) CAD Input and Output
- Added support of NX8 with NX(UG) Import Add-on Option
[Supported versions: UG10 - NX8]

- Added support of Parasolid V24.1 with Parasolid Add-on Option
[Supported versions: V7 - V24.1]

- Added support of V9.5 with JT Add-on Option
*Only import side is upgraded
[Supported versions: Import: 6.4-9.5, Export: 8.0-9.4]

CADdoctor SX2.0 licensee with maintenance agreement can
use CADdoctor SX2.1 with the same license as CADdoctor SX2.0.

-The required Microsoft Update for installing CADdoctor
If you fail to install CADdoctor SX, please check whether
the Microsoft update program KB931125 is updated on your system.
If not updated, please update KB931125 and install CADdoctor SX again.
Please refer to :