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Release Announcement of CADdoctor for NX Ver2.0

Feb 28, 2013Product

HAMAMATSU, Japan, February 28, 2013--Elysium Co. Ltd., a leading global provider of design data exchange software, is pleased to announce CADdoctor for NX 2.0, an upgraded version for the sophisticated Product Data Quality (PDQ *1) validation and repair tool integrated into NX.

CADdoctor for NX has gained 11 new check items from the PDQ guideline provided by SASIG (*2) and JAMA/JAPIA (*3), making the total checking criteria to 26 items. The product allows each manufacturer to provide their unique standard for data quality as well as Nissan's standard. It also promotes users to reduce hours of manually repairing NX data for post-process as well as practical uses throughout the entire manufacturing process from design to production.
Nowadays more and more opportunities are arising in the manufacturing industry to exchange 3D data among different departments or co-operating companies, which means high-quality data is getting more and more indispensable to avoid data problems, particularly between 2 different kinds of CAD software.
It is also becoming a mainstream to use "Direct Modeling" as the method to edit the CAD data without feature histories. This is obvious from the fact that many CAD vendors,including Siemens PLM Software Inc., are putting an emphasis on the enhancement on the developments and improvements of Direct Modeling functionality. To make the best use of 
this function, it is very important to have high-quality data as it often happens that it is impossible to use this method when working with low quality data. CADdoctor for NX prevents users from struggling with low-quality data and equips them to work efficiently in such situations.

Data repairing capabilities have been dramatically improved in CADdoctor for NX 2.0 from Version 1.0. The product has become more functional in general for various use cases with 11 newly-added check items from the PDQ guideline provided by SASIG / JAMA, enabling each company to utilize with their PDQ validation criteria. Elysium is also providing consultations on the right items and the threshold for each customer.

Elysium guarantees user-friendly solutions to efficiently utilize 3D data.

(*1) PDQ (Product Data Quality) : The quality of the productdata created in 3D CAD software
(*2) SASIG (Strategic Automotive product data Standards Industry Group)
(*3) JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association)
JAPIA (Japan Auto Parts Industries Association)

< PDQ Guideline provided by SASIG and JAMA/JAPIA >
SASIG and JAMA/JAPIA define PDQ issues and provide the automotive manufactures with a common guideline on the aspects of product data quality to reduce complications caused by low-quality data in automotive designing or manufacturing.
* Note : It has been estimated that there are at least 25,000 cases per year involving 3D CAD data exchange complications among automotive companies, by which they lose 7.1 billion yen in a year, and 1.5 working days per case. (Estimated in August, 2001)

< For your reference >
Approach by SASIG regarding PDQ guideline

< CADdoctor for NX sales record and current engagements >
CADdoctor for NX was introduced to Nissan Motor Company and its suppliers since its first release. With its globalization, the demand from its overseas suppliers is rapidly increasing.