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Elysium Partners with LEMMA—LEMMA to Resell Tailored Version of CADdoctor

Mar 16, 2017News

HAMAMATSU, Japan—March 16, 2017—Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces a new partnership with LEMMA, the expert of computational fluid and structure dynamics (CFSD), and the release of “LEMMA CADdoctor(*),” a tailored version of Elysium’s standard CADdoctor, an industry-proven application for 3D data translation and optimization. It will be distributed by Lemma to its customers.

To meet a growing demand for an efficient utilization of design data in CAE analysis, LEMMA CADdoctor is designed to aid users of LEMMA solutions, including ANAMESH®, ANANAS®, and ANASLOSH®, in data preparation for CAE analysis with following key features, and contribute to lead time reduction, and increased accuracy in CAE analysis.

Key Features of LEMMA CADdoctor:

  • Smooth path from multiple CAD formats to LEMMA solutions by powerful and robust 3D data translation and healing
  • First-time success in mesh generation and accurate CAE analysis by geometry simplification, solid enveloping, and polygon repair
  • Easy-to-use software to assist users and increase the job efficiency

“LEMMA CADdoctor is a great addition to the LEMMA offering. Its impressive clean-up capabilities will drastically reduce the engineering time usually spent to repair a CAD model before meshing it and then launch a CFD calculation. It complements LEMMA product like ANAMESH® and gives us the opportunity to deliver our customers a state of the art and cost effective solution, taking advantage of Elysium know-how and background in CAD/CAE software. We are very excited by the idea our customers can now use these tools to optimize their CFD workflow,” states Mikaël BERTON, in charge of business and research development at LEMMA.

“We highly recognize LEMMA’s expertise in computational fluid and structure dynamics field, and it is a great honor to partner with them,” states Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business team at Elysium. “This partnership allows us to penetrate into new market in aerospace, naval/offshore, defense, and oil and gas industries. We believe that the combination of two ‘intelligences’ will bring LEMMA customers to the next level of success—create a simple model for CAE simulation semi-automatically from the design CAD model, gain an accurate result in simulation, and even shorten the overall time.”

*LEMMA CADdoctor is resold by LEMMA, and the first version is now available. Please contact LEMMA for further information.