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Elysium Presents Performance Leader Award to CAMTEX

Feb 27, 2017News

Elysium Global Summit 2017 took place in Huntington Beach, CA, where Elysium has its second development base, and Performance Achievement Award 2016 for European market was presented to CAMTEX GmbH in Suhl, Germany in recognition of their continued outstanding revenue achievement within the Elysium Ecosystem.

Elysium and CAMTEX concluded a partnership back in 2002. Since then, CAMTEX has remarkably contributed to Elysium’s steady growth in German market, empowering small to mid-sized organizations by best-suit Elysium solutions.

  • Kensuke Tashiro, Managing Director of Elysium Europe (left),
    and Steffen Volkmar, President of CAMTEX GmbH (right)